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Process over Delphi Forms (.dfm) files via an AST.

Inspired by the excellent PostCSS tool, motivated by my rage at the Delphi IDE.

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The postdfm project is an interface wrapping all the separate modules together.

# npm
$ npm install postdfm

# yarn
$ yarn add postdfm

Example Usage

import fs from "fs";
import postdfm from "postdfm";

// only if implementing your own plugin
import { Plugin } from "@postdfm/plugin";

class SomePlugin extends Plugin {
install(hooks) {
hooks.string.tap(ast => {
// manipulate AST here

// all AST types can be manipulated, see AST.ASTTypes

// also available:
// - "after" hook for certain types
hooks.after.object.tap(ast => {
// manipulate AST here
// - "all" hook for everything - excludes "after" hooks
hooks.all.tap(ast => {
// manipulate AST here

const cisDfm = fs.readFileSync(
//.dfm files tend to be ascii instead of utf8

const runner = postdfm({
transformers: [new SomePlugin()],

const transDfm = runner.processSync(dfm, {
//filename used for reporting errors
from: "cis.dfm",

fs.writeFileSync("trans.dfm", transDfm);


Runner instance

Create a runner by calling the postdfm function.

import postdfm from "postdfm";

const runner = postdfm();

postdfm(options?: RunnerOptions)

Create a Runner instance using RunnerOptions

runner.process(dfm: string, processingOptions: ProcessingOptions): Promise<string>

Process a file through the runner asynchronously.

runner.processSync(dfm: string, processingOptions: ProcessingOptions): string

Process a file through the runner synchronously.


Options to pass to an instance of Runner.

options.plugins: Plugin[]

Array of transformations to perform on AST.

options.parser: Parser = "@postdfm/dfm2ast"

Parser to use, defaults to @postdfm/dfm2ast.

options.stringifier: Stringifier = "@postdfm/ast2dfm"

Stringifier to use, defaults to @postdfm/ast2dfm.


A class that extends the @postdfm/plugin Plugin, extending the install() method.

See @postdfm/plugin for more information.


A function that takes a string, parses it, and returns an AST.

(dfm: string): AST.Root


A function that takes an AST, stringifies it, and returns a string.

(ast: AST.Root): string



The file which is being processed. Used when throwing syntax errors.


You can find the generated typedoc documentation here.


Bug reports and feature requests are greatly appreciated, as are pull requests.

Please see the Contributing Guide for instructions on how to contribute to this project.


Licensed under the MIT License.

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